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Google's giving Chromecast owners free money for Valentine's Day

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Google's handing out $6 worth of Google Play credit to some Chromecast owners. It's not yet clear how widespread the promotion is — we've asked the company for clarification. Hopefully it's more than just a few. To check if the free money's available to you, head over to this website. You'll only see offers when connected to the same network your Chromecast runs on, so if you're at work right now, the link won't do you much good. Google is positioning its generosity as a good chance for couples to rent something from Google Play Movies for Valentine's Day.

But in the end, you're free to spend it however you'd like. $6 is really only good for a single HD movie rental and will leave you with a useless amount of change. Really, your significant other doesn't need to know that you skipped date night on Google's dime just to buy some Trivia Crack coins. And if you're living the single life, all the better: at least you'll be able to flex your knowledge on useless topics.

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