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BattleBots will return this summer on ABC

BattleBots will return this summer on ABC

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After more than a decade, BattleBots is finally coming back to TV. Deadline reports that ABC has picked up the fighting homemade robot series, reimagined by its original creators for a six-episode order. The new version will air this summer.

The new BattleBots reality series will reportedly be a more streamlined version of the original run, which ran for five seasons on Comedy Central from 2000 to 2002. Rather than divide the robots into weight classes, the fighters will be allowed to face off against each other regardless of size and power. In addition, more emphasis will be put on the robots' designs and their creators' backstories.

A show with a large cult following

Despite only running for two years, BattleBots earned a large cult following in its early aughts heyday, and even attracted such big names as Bill Nye to serve as the show's "technical expert" and Jay Leno to design his own battle robot. The show also spawned two Gameboy Advance titles and a successor series of sorts in SyFy's Robot Combat League, featuring BattleBots alum Mark Setrakian. Naturally, we're really invested in seeing this show be as awesome as possible.