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Unexpected issues force drone maker DJI to roll back 'White House' update

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DJI Phantom 2 drones are once again free to fly over restricted areas — at least temporarily. The Chinese drone maker has been forced to roll back its latest firmware update — also known as the "White House patch" — after reports that the update caused "unanticipated flight behavior."

The patch was quickly shipped out following a high-profile incident that saw one of the company's drones crash land on the White House grounds in Washington DC. The accident led to renewed demands for comprehensive new FAA regulation over amateur drone flight. DJI did its part by releasing new firmware that used geofencing to block its Phantom 2 drones from flying over restricted areas like sensitive spots in DC. The update included an expansion of an existing feature that blocked flight in airport areas.

But a separate issue with the update, version 3.10, has led the company to revert the software back to 3.08. If you already updated to the newer version, the company is asking that you plug in your drone and update again — it will automatically roll back to the stable version.

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