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The RoboChop will let you use an industrial robot arm to build furniture

The RoboChop will let you use an industrial robot arm to build furniture

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In March, you'll be able to control an industrial robot arm directly from a web app. The installation, called RoboChop, will be located at the CeBIT 2015 in Hanover, Germany. Four different robot arms will be given 2,000 bright yellow polystyrene blocks. What happens with those blocks will be up to the citizens of the internet.

From the web app, users will be able to log in and claim one of the 50 x 50 x 50cm blocks for themselves, and then command the arm to slice and dice it into an object for their home. The designs that pop out of the machine, which uses a hot wire cutting tool, will range from abstract sculpture to anything from chairs to nightstands. Once completed, the transformed cubes will be packed up and sent to their creators.


What would you do with a massive industrial arm?

The installation, is being put on by the GFT Group as part of its Code_n competition at the convention. It's meant to be a demonstration that brings the "Internet of Things" to life. Ulrich Dietz, the CEO of company, says that "instead of just talking about the Internet of Things, we will be clearly demonstrating ... just how advanced the interlinking of the physical and digital worlds already is."

That's all a bit vague, but all we know is that we wouldn't dare pass up on the opportunity to control one of those bad boys. Check out the video above to see it in action.