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We need to talk about this Tinder-themed anti-smoking music video

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Cause someone should

Something bad happened during the Grammys tonight. Not Taylor Swift's dancing, or Paul McCartney aging in front of our eyes, or Pharrell's other hat. No, this was an anti-smoking PSA for Truth, and it was awful.

The video features the X Factor singing creation Fifth Harmony, teen pop nugget Becky G, and YouTube stars like Alphacat and Jimmy Tatro offering some advice: if you see a smoker on Tinder, "left swipe dat." (The left swipe is the bad one.) It's not terrible advice, but it's presented in the most irritating way possible.

I already deleted Tinder

The chorus is sung in a squeaky clean half-rap peppered with aggressive growling. There's a dolphin riding a rainbow. There's a woman thrusting her pelvis against a Greek statue with wild abandon. There's a pack of slow-moving white horses a la Kanye's "Bound 2." There's a bearded man with a pile of onion rings the size of a toddler, and I think the music video would shame him too if the smokers on Tinder didn't take precedence.

I want to cry. I want some onion rings. I want to left swipe this music video forever.