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Watch HTC's CEO sing its awkward new rock anthem

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HTC CEO Peter Chou and chairwoman Cher Wang have led a chorus of company execs in performing the company's new anthem titled "We Are One." "This is about HTC's personality," says Chou, guitar strapped across his chest emblazoned with the slogan HTC United. "We are fearless to pursue our passion, and together we can change the world. Together we are one." Then the singing starts, and I'll let you judge it for yourself.

The song was part of HTC's end of year party — with the Chinese New Year landing on February 19th on the Gregorian calendar this year — which has already earned some infamy for itself. Two years ago, Chou spontaneously showed off the HTC One M7 ahead of the company's announcement of that flagship phone. This time, the only prominent HTC hardware is the Re camera, which hangs around Cher Wang's neck while she sings along and is also used by HTC experience chief Drew Bamford to record the event. Drew and the rest of the senior leadership team join Chou and Wang halfway through the song, doing their best to provide backing vocals from the side of the stage.