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John Oliver thinks we're all being a little too mean to RadioShack

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'At this point, RadioShack would be well within its rights to feel a little hurt.'

RadioShack has been a punchline for years, but now that the bumbling electronics chain has officially filed for bankruptcy, John Oliver thinks it's time for the jokes to stop. Yesterday on his HBO show Last Week Tonight, Oliver took a moment to chastise the media — and all Americans, really — for picking on poor, defenseless, 94-year-old RadioShack.

RadioShack is a harbinger of all our futures

"The death of RadioShack is not surprising," Oliver said. "What is surprising is the glib, jokey tone with which its demise has been discussed over the past year...At this point it's like you're sitting across from your grandfather at Thanksgiving dinner saying, 'You know, I don't really see the point of Grandpa Fred in 2015.'"

To settle the score, the Last Week Tonight team created a farewell message for RadioShack to use. The bittersweet (or just bitter) message reminds us not to laugh at RadioShack's end, because ours will come too one day.

That's right: You're going to die. Just like RadioShack.

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