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Iggy Azalea attacks Papa John's on Twitter after driver hands out her number

Iggy Azalea attacks Papa John's on Twitter after driver hands out her number


#brands, take note

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Jason Merritt/Getty Images

While you were watching the Grammys last night, something far more important was brewing on Twitter. Well before the award show even began, Iggy Azalea was beefing with #brands. Pizza brands, actually. According to the Fancy performer, a Papa John's driver had handed her personal phone number off to his family members. Naturally she was upset:

Things had already gotten ugly.

Wouldn't you, fellow non-celebrity, be pissed off? The incident thus called for a immediate response on Papa's part:

Sure, take responsibility and throw in some levity. Privacy is an important matter in these trying times, but, hey, Papa John's is full of fans! They even listened to that song one time. See? More branding!

Iggy was not amused. (Her mood perhaps worsened by the fact that she went home awardless.)

The temerity! Papa John's is tampering with her data! (Not really, but we get why she's upset.) Restitution must be made! We imagine the driver in question is on his way to being fired if they haven't been already, though the company hasn't issued any official statement. This isn't exactly good PR for the chain. Iggy might even swear off delivery pizza for good, taking her fans with her!

(Or the more legitimate issue that Iggy might be stalked by someone who could put her life in danger.) Let this be a lesson to you, brands of the world. If a problem arises online, fix the issue and then engage.