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iOS 8.3 beta includes wireless support for CarPlay and new emoji features

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Last week, Apple started seeding OS X 10.10.3 to developers, and now 9to5Mac has reported that now an iOS 8.3 beta is rolling out. Perhaps the most notable feature in this update is the ability to use Apple's forthcoming CarPlay feature without a cord — certain supported autos will be fully CarPlay enabled using a Bluetooth connection, something Android Auto can't do yet. What cars specifically will support this is unknown at this time, but a firmware update might enable it in a wide range of autos.

And just like last week's OS X update, this beta seed of iOS 8.3 also contains support for new emoji — the emoji picker has been redesigned with a host of new categories, but it's not clear yet if the customizable, multicultural emoji will be present in this update. We're guessing yes, but 9to5Mac didn't show off that feature or confirm its existence yet in its report. We're only on iOS 8.1.3 at this point, so we can't say for sure that these features will be available in iOS 8.3 — but at least we know Apple is working to bring them out sooner or later.