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Imgur kills its Pro subscription, now lets all users store an unlimited number of images

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Image-sharing service Imgur has long offered a "pro" tier that gives users unlimited uploads; community features like commenting, voting, and sharing; access to a wide variety of analytics tools; and more. Now, instead of charging $23 per year (or $2.95 a month) for those features, Imgur has announced that everyone using the service will be upgraded to Pro, for free.

The company is positioning it as a "sixth birthday present" for the community, as Imgur launched six years ago today — but as always when something is free, there's a catch here. Those signed up with Imgur Pro used to have an ad-free experience, but now everyone visiting the site will experience ads — there's no way to pay to get them to go away. Still, the ability to store as many GIFs and images as you can get your hands on is certain to be appealing to the many people out there who've used Imgur but never paid for it.