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Up close with the HTC One M9

More complex manufacturing makes for a simpler design, but the differences are hard to spot

The One M9 is HTC's flagship Android smartphone for 2015. It keeps the all-aluminum design of its predecessors while adding a new 20-megapixel camera, a bigger battery, and a faster processor. Here's our close-up look at the new device.

Although the aesthetic and general shape are the same, the manufacturing process for HTC's 2015 aluminum unibody is quite different from the past. It takes 70 steps and over 300 production minutes to make each phone. A new anti-scratch coating is applied after a round of meticulous hand-polishing. The front bezel is now a single piece and there are fewer parts overall. HTC has made the manufacturing more complex in its pursuit of a simpler and cleaner design. Check out these photos and our in-depth preview of the phone to decide if the effort has paid off.


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