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USB-C Devices, Got Any?



Amid all the hubbub about only one port and expensive adapters there's one thing that no one has really spoken about: to plug even one thing into your macbook that isn't the power cable you'll need an adapter, because until today no one even made anything to plug a usb-c cable/device into, so even if you have a full charge and wanna pull some files off your flash drive

you'll still need an adapter.

Need to backup to an external hard drive?

go get yourself an adapter.

Wanna connect your camera over usb (because there's no sd card slot),

drop $80.

Gotta print something to that old inkjet?

Where the adapter at?

There is simply no physical backwards compatibility with anything and if usb 3 is any indication of how long it takes for new i/o devices to hit the market (heck even today you get usb 2 on some laptops and desktops and most flash drives and hard drives still ship with usb 2) you'll be stuck with an ugly adapter hanging out of your laptop for a while. Or you could go with this.