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You can now design a custom Moto 360 using Moto Maker

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Three finishes, nine bands, 11 faces

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As expected, Motorola's Moto Maker website can now be used to customize the Moto 360 smartwatch. Visiting the Moto Maker site will let you design a smart watch with one of three finishes for the case: dark metal, light metal, or "champagne gold." You can then choose from nine bands, which include leather, metal, and a custom link design. Finally, you can choose from 11 digital faces for your watch, though of course you can easily change the default face once your watch arrives.


Prices on the website show watches ranging from $250 to $330. The champagne gold finish costs $30 more than its peers, and the metal band costs an extra $50. The metal band was being reported as delayed earlier Tuesday, but is now shipping, the company told The Verge in an email. You can design a new watch today at Moto Maker.