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And now, a brief (joke) history of the Apple Watch Edition

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Ross Miller owes me two American dollars for posting this

Yesterday, we learned quite a bit about the Apple Watch. Today, I made some really bad dad jokes on Twitter, reinterpreting the development of the Apple Watch through the eyes of one of the greatest poets of the last 20th century. My friend and fellow editor Ross Miller offered me one dollar to post my lyrical history on this website. Later, he upped his offer to two real, physical dollars. Despite my reservations, I do like the idea of being paid in hard currency (it's better than Venmo, which Ross once made me use even though he knew that I am An Old).

Therefore, prepare for a dad joke. I'm sorry.

Ok, here it comes, this is your last chance to back out. Stop scrolling now. I'll put in a few line breaks in case you want to save yourself from this punchline.

Ross, I want my two dollars.