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The next iPhone could be pink and have a pressure-sensing screen

The next iPhone could be pink and have a pressure-sensing screen


Force Touch and a new color may come later this year

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Apple is planning to release new iPhones later this year with Force Touch-equipped displays, according to The Wall Street Journal. Force Touch was one of the key themes at Apple's event on Monday; the Apple Watch uses the pressure-sensing technology to detect how hard a user is pushing on the screen, and it's also been integrated into the new MacBook and refreshed MacBook Pro's trackpads. On the Apple Watch, Force Touch allows for more input options considering the small size of the screen, while the new MacBook uses it to simulate a traditional mouse click, among other things.

The new phones are unlikely to differ too dramatically in design from the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus; Apple almost always keeps its phone bodies around for two years, and the WSJ says that the company's plan is to keep the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screen sizes and "similar" resolutions. But there could be one very visible change — Apple is reportedly testing a pink option to go alongside the silver, gold, and space gray models. As ever, these reports are couched in caveats that Apple's plans may change, but mass production for some components is said to start in May.