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Amazon gives Kickstarter brands a new storefront

Amazon gives Kickstarter brands a new storefront

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Amazon is launching a new storefront named Amazon Exclusives, where the retailing giant will curate product from little-known brands. In essence, this means the retailer is giving a number of buzzy gadgets that first appeared on crowdfunding sites and the like the chance for more exposure. This includes a number of Kickstarter projects, but Amazon also says it'll be selling items that first appear on the TV program Shark Tank. As we pointed out at CES this year: gadgets are back.

a few Kickstarter successes are already on board

The storefront has launched with a number of fully funded Kickstarter projects on board, including Zackee's turning signal LED gloves for cyclists and Olloclip's detachable iPhone lenses. The products aren't actually exclusives (they can still be bought from the manufacturers' own sites), but Amazon will be the only third-party site stocking them and promises it will offer the "best price available."

"Our mission on behalf of customers is to make Amazon the destination for brands and innovators to launch and sell their products, providing our customers early access to new products," said Peter Faricy, VP of Amazon Marketplace. "We understand that helping brands gain exposure for their award-winning new products is beneficial to customers that desire to be the first to have the hot new item."