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Tron 3 is in the works from director of the beautiful and flawed Tron: Legacy

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A new Tron is in the works, and you should expect it to be just as gorgeous as the last. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Joseph Kosinski is going to be directing another Tron, presumably a sequel to his 2010 film, Tron: Legacy. There's no word on who will appear in the movie, but the Reporter says that the production is looking to start shooting this fall, so we should find out more soon. Vancity Buzz, which first reported the news, says that Legacy star Garrett Hedlund will return.

That said all, the Reporter notes that the third Tron has not yet been greenlit. Pieces appear to be falling into place, however, so it's likely that a deal for the film is simply yet to be finalized and should happen soon. Whether you liked Legacy or not, having Kosinski attached to another Tron movie isn't such a bad thing. At the worst, it should be a gorgeous spectacle to watch.