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Audi says it's working on an all-electric SUV for 2018

Audi says it's working on an all-electric SUV for 2018


With a 310 mile range.

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Audi's Q5 Hybrid
Audi's Q5 Hybrid

Audi's dabbling in all-electric vehicles recently culminated with the R8 e-tron, a flashy looking sports car that was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this past week. But the company has bigger plans in the form of a sports utility vehicle. Speaking at Audi's annual press conference in Germany yesterday, engineering chief Ulrich Hackenberg said the company plans on bringing a battery-powered "sports activity vehicle" in early 2018. That car, which Hackenberg described as "very attractive," would also have a range upwards of 500 kilometers (or about 310 miles), he added.

Here's what was quickly flashed behind Hackenberg as Audi's current concept for the vehicle:

Audi suv (Auto Express)

(Auto Express)The vehicle will compete squarely with Tesla's upcoming Model X, which is expected by the end of this year (after several delays). Its expected 200 to 225 mile range would be well below Audi's, though it could be on the market a two whole years before the German automaker gets its first car in the hands of customers.

No word yet from Audi on price or where the company intends to sell it, of course. Audi's Q5 hybrid (pictured above) starts at $51,900.