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Microsoft is now selling its Windows ninja cat sticker

Microsoft is now selling its Windows ninja cat sticker

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Earlier this month we revealed the existence of a special laptop sticker making its way around Microsoft’s Redmond campus. It features a ninja cat riding a fire-breathing unicorn all while waving a Windows flag, and it’s a great example of why Microsoft is cool again. Lots of people want one, and Microsoft has surprisingly obliged by listing the sticker on its own online company store. A 3-inch version is available for $1.25, and a 6-inch sticker is priced at $3.50. That’s a small price to pay to cover over that uncool OEM logo on the back of your laptop. Ninja cats always look cooler than half-eaten fruit anyway.

Update March 12th, 4:30AM: Microsoft must have sold out of the stickers or removed them very quickly as they've disappeared. There's a white unofficial version over at red bubble, and we've reached out to Microsoft to find out if the stickers will go back on sale again.