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Wunderlist launches redesigned apps for iPhone, Android, and Mac

Wunderlist launches redesigned apps for iPhone, Android, and Mac


A new design, folders, and smarter task adding make one of our favorite to-do apps even better

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Popular to-do list app Wunderlist is today launching redesigned apps for the iPhone, Android, and Mac. The new apps feature a cleaner interface, new buttons to quickly add tasks or lists, and support for folders, which the company says was one of its most requested features. The iPhone version of the app also gains a "Quick Add" function, which will automatically add due dates and reminders to tasks as they are entered using natural language processing. Wunderlist for Android, meanwhile, has been redesigned to work better with Google's Material design directives for Android 5.0 Lollipop and beyond.

These initial updates are the first of many that the company has planned for this year. Last month, CEO Christian Reber told The Verge that Wunderlist's goal this year is to "make the product smarter", essentially taking it from a simple to-do list app to more of a virtual assistant. The new Quick Add feature is the first attempt at making a smarter Wunderlist, though Reber says that future updates are going to take that idea even further. It's likely that the forthcoming third-party app integrations announced last month will also contribute to making a smarter Wunderlist.

Wunderlist for Android 5.0

Wunderlist for Android

Wunderlist is far from alone in the crowded to-do app space: a quick search in any mobile app store will bring up literally hundreds of options for users to choose from. That's likely a large part of the reason Wunderlist is attempting to move beyond a simple to-do list and into something more integrated with your digital life.

The updates for iPhone, Android, and Mac will be available in their respective app stores today. Wunderlist says that all of its apps will support folders starting today, and the Quick Add functionality will be coming to other platforms in the near future.