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Google releases Chrome extension that replaces blank tabs with works of art

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Tired of staring at a white screen every time you open a blank tab in Chrome? Google has released a new extension that replaces Chrome's utilitarian new tab screen with classic works of art. The extension can either be set to give you a new artwork each day or a new artwork each time you open a tab, all displayed in a way that covers the entirety of the screen. The results are really nice — at least, so long as you're into the art that Chrome's showing you. That'll include works from van Gogh, Seurat, Cézanne, and a pretty wide variety of other artists. They're sourced from a number of different museums, all brought together by Google's Cultural Institute, which is something of an online history and art museum. As Engadget points out, Google also offers a similar extension that replaces the tab screen with images from Google Earth.

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