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Powdered alcohol receives approval for sale in the US

Powdered alcohol receives approval for sale in the US

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The controversial powdered-alcohol pioneer Palcohol has had its product approved for sale in the United States — properly this time. Palcohol came under a lot of criticism last year when it initially launched with a website promoting irresponsible uses of its product, a powder that you can mix with water to create an alcoholic drink. Even after cleaning up its website, Palcohol then ran into another snag: as it turned out, US regulators had unintentionally approved it for sale and were backtracking on that approval. It's now almost a year later, and the Associated Press is reporting that Palcohol has received proper federal approval to put four varieties of its product up for sale. Palcohol says that it's hoping to be in stores this summer.

Palcohol says it shouldn't be banned because prohibition failed

States will still be able to individually regulate powdered alcohol. Palcohol caught the attention of lawmakers when it was first announced last year, so it's possible that attention will turn to it once again, now that it's about to hit stores. In particular, there was a lot of concern that flavored, powdered alcohol would appeal to minors. The AP notes that several states are already moving to regulate it.

On its website, Palcohol lists some pretty terrible reasons for why it shouldn't be banned, including, "Practically, we know from experience that prohibition doesn't work." That's not to say that Palcohol should be banned, just there has to be a better defense than that. "If you want to try Palcohol, you need to contact your legislators to tell them you don't need the government to be our nanny," the website says. "We're big boys and girls and can decide for ourselves if we want to use alcohol....because that's all Palcohol is....liquid alcohol in powder form."

It's not stated which varieties of Palcohol were approved for sale, but the company has five versions in total: vodka, rum, cosmopolitan, margarita, and lemon drop. Palcohol says that it's now beginning to start production.