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Titanfall's sequel won't be a Microsoft exclusive

Titanfall's sequel won't be a Microsoft exclusive


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With its giant robots and fast, approachable gameplay, the original Titanfall was a refreshing take on the multiplayer first-person shooter. But it wasn't available to everyone, launching exclusively on Microsoft platforms including the Xbox One, 360, and PC. That's about to change: IGN reports that the sequel will be coming to the PS4 in addition to the PC and Xbox One. "It'll be multiplatform," Respawn CEO Vince Zampella said.

"We haven't figured it out yet."

The original game launched last March as the first release from Respawn, a new studio made up of veterans from Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward. Unlike most FPS games, it had no real single-player campaign, instead focusing on multiplayer battles between real players. Rumors that the sequel would no longer be a Microsoft exclusive have been swirling since around the time Titanfall launched last year. During a 2013 investors call, Zampella said that the studio would eventually make a game for the PS4. "Just not the first Titanfall," he said at the time. While the sequel has been long expected, this is the first time the studio has confirmed it's in development.

No real details about the sequel — including whether it will be called Titanfall 2 or something else — have been revealed, so it's unclear whether or not it will maintain a similar focus on online play. "I think it takes a while to figure that out," Zampella told IGN, "and we haven't figured it out yet."