New trailers: Game of Thrones, Tomorrowland, Daredevil, and more

All the shows and movies you should be looking out for


This week was filled with trailer after trailer from huge names: Disney, Pixar, Marvel, HBO. Needless to say, there's a lot coming out soon that's worth looking forward to. There were also a good number of documentary trailers released this week, including the first for the Kurt Cobain documentary Montage of Heck. Almost everything looks great, and you can check them all out below.

Game of Thrones

It's not exactly a surprise that things are going to get crazy during a new season of Game of Thrones, but seeing this trailer, it's still hard not to wonder about just how crazy things are going to get. Start preparing yourself: the show's fifth season is now one month away from premiering.


Tomorrowland looks magical in all the right ways. The upcoming film now has as second trailer that actually dives into its story, and every new scene makes it look like director Brad Bird, who's also behind The Incredibles, has done a wonderful job of crafting this world. It'll be in theaters May 22nd.

Inside Out

If Pixar's first couple teases of Inside Out didn't hook you, this one will. The latest trailer dives deeper into the movie and shows just what an emotional ride it'll be as Pixar takes a look at a young girl struggling with change. It'll be out June 19th.


Netflix has finally put out a full trailer for Daredevil, the first of its four Marvel TV shows. It's still hard to guess how the hero will fare on TV, but this trailer certainly makes Daredevil's world look great. The entire season will be out April 10th.

San Andreas

Things aren't exactly beautiful in San Andreas' California, where a huge earthquake is destroying basically everything. It's a large-scale disaster movie, and the Rock is charged with saving everyone. It'll be in theaters May 29th.

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck

We loved the documentary Montage of Heck when it premiered at Sundance, and you'll all finally be able to see it very soon. A first trailer for the film just came out, and it'll be airing on HBO starting May 4th.

Misery Loves Comedy

The documentary Misery Loves Comedy talks to over 60 comedians — including huge names like Larry David, Lisa Kudrow, Amy Schumer, Jimmy Fallon, and Judd Apatow — about how they made it and what it's like to be up on stage. It'll be on-demand starting April 14th and in some theaters April 24th. If you're deep into comedy, this seems like an obvious one.

I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story

Caroll Spinney is the man beneath the Big Bird costume (and the Oscar the Grouch costume, too). He's been doing the job for decades, and as such a huge — and unnoticed — part of people's lives, it's hard not to be interested in this upcoming documentary about him. It'll be on-demand starting May 5th and in some theaters starting a day later.

Sin City Saints

Yahoo is taking a crack at original TV shows, and this is the first trailer for one member of its starting lineup. Sin City Saints is half-hour comedy about a Las Vegas basketball team and its owner's less-than-professional antics. It looks not so great… which is probably why it's debuting March 23rd, after Yahoo starts Community.

Hotel Transylvania 2

I didn't even know there was a Hotel Transylvania 1, but this trailer seems kind of nice. The film also has a huge cast of comedians: Adam Sandler as Dracula, plus Andy Samberg, David Spade, Kevin James, Mel Brooks, and more. It'll be in theaters this September.


Renowned documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles died last week, and now one of his final films is heading to theaters. Iris follows fashion icon Iris Apfel, seemingly looking more at the sharp and witty Apfel than at the fashion that surrounds her. At least from this trailer, it appears to be a truly vibrant portrait. It'll be out April 29th.