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Rand Paul says he's connecting with thousands of teens over Snapchat

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'Like 30 or 40 kids in a high school class will do a quick Snapshot to us.'

Jessica McGowan/Getty Images

Presidential hopeful Rand Paul is gunning for the youth vote. He's already attacked his opponents on Pinterest and copped his logo from Tinder, but now the Kentucky senator is getting familiar with Snapchat. In a recent interview with Politico's Mike Allen, Paul took some time to outline his Snapchat-focused game plan for getting teenagers to vote for him.

Snapchats for Rand

"We reach thousands of kids that we might not ever have reached before," Paul said. "In fact, we're probably reaching some kids who aren't yet 18, that will be 18 when the elections roll around the next time. We'll have whole classrooms sometimes do a Snapchat to us."

"Like 30 or 40 kids in a high school class will do a quick Snapshot [sic] to us," he added.

A whole classroom of Snapshots! Just think.

Rand first announced he'd be using Snapchat as a campaign tool back in January, and that his handle would be SenatorRandPaul.

Rand also doled out some advice that should resonate with teens: "You don't want to replace your parents with the government." That's true, but — hear me out — what if we replaced the government with Snapchat?