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New Windows 10 preview leaks as Microsoft struggles to deliver official test version

New Windows 10 preview leaks as Microsoft struggles to deliver official test version

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A new version of the Windows 10 technical preview leaked onto the internet today, days after Microsoft detailed a delay in delivering a fresh update to its preview program. The new build, numbered 10036, has been made available unofficially on torrent file sharing sites, and includes a number of UI improvements and some feature changes. The Start Menu is now transparent, and Microsoft is testing a new UI for Wi-Fi connectivity, alongside some improvements to the new task view virtual desktop feature that allows Windows 10 users to drag and drop apps between desktops.

Microsoft is speeding up its Windows 10 preview updates

Many of Microsoft's Windows 10 testers had expected the company to deliver more regular updates as originally promised in January, but the software maker has been struggling to release a new build publicly due to bugs. "We’ve probably been too conservative about pushing builds to the Fast ring for Windows Insiders," admitted Microsoft's Gabe Aul earlier this week. Microsoft is now planning to alter its fast ring for the Windows 10 preview to speed its pace up and deliver updates more regularly. This will inevitably lead to more bugs and issues with builds, but a quicker pace that will please Microsoft enthusiasts who want to test the latest and greatest.

The latest leaked build doesn't have a huge amount of changes, but it also includes the icons that Microsoft is testing, including that the odd new recycle bin icon. Microsoft is planning to deliver an official release very soon with a preview of its new Internet Explorer replacement, codenamed Project Spartan. The leaked 10036 build includes a number of bugs, and as such it's worth waiting on Microsoft to release a new updated preview build in the coming weeks.

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