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The director of the best/worst movie ever has a new sitcom streaming on Hulu Plus

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Goodbye, weekend

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If you've never watched The Room, a captivatingly awful movie about an affair, a surprise birthday party, and the weight of the world, stop reading this right now and go watch it. Once you've finished, you'll simultaneously regret ever starting the thing, and you'll want to watch it again. It's written and directed by Tommy Wiseau, a mysterious man with a penchant for terrible dialogue and even worse acting skills.

We reported back in July that Wiseau had a new sitcom called The Neighbors in the works, and now you can stream the first four episodes over at Hulu Plus. Here's part of the real, actual plot synopsis from the show's official, actual website:

The Neighbors is a sitcom about the relationship between a group of neighbors who live in an apartment building. The lead character is Charlie, the manager of the building. The tenants are a diverse group of personalities, all of different ages and backgrounds, constantly bringing their problems to Charlie and his secretary / girlfriend Bebe.

There are so, so many questions. According to Gothamist, Wiseau plays not one, but two characters, one of whom I assume is Charlie. Why? What was the wig budget for this movie? Do building managers usually have secretaries? Why is Bebe named after a clothing store known for selling velour tracksuits? What is happening in this trailer? Am I laughing? Am I crying?


I can't feel my face.