iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S6: a pixel-perfect size comparison


I'll let you in on a little secret: I'm really looking forward to the Galaxy S6. After years of underwhelming flagship Galaxy devices, Samsung once again has a phone that people can be legitimately excited about. I spent only a few moments with the S6 at Mobile World Congress, but it was enough time for me to be impressed by the speed of its camera and the neat minimalism of its design.

Update: Read our review of the Galaxy S6.

The Galaxy S6 is set to mount the biggest challenge to Apple's iPhone 6 to date, so it's only natural to want to compare the dimensions and proportions of the two. I found that a strangely difficult task with the press images provided from both manufacturers: Apple still hides the iPhone's camera bulge in profile shots and Samsung's front and back pictures are shot at slightly different sizes. So I have rescaled the press photos in accordance with the official specs, and used The Verge's magical image slider to get an idea of the difference in size. Obviously, this is the very definition of a superficial comparison, but it's a fun diversion to fill the time until Samsung releases its next device.