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Elon Musk teases that Tesla software update will 'end range anxiety'

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Elon Musk and Tesla like to make magic happen via firmware updates. The billionaire entrepreneur teased on Twitter today that the company is "about to end range anxiety" via an over-the-air software update for all Model S vehicles. That's all the information we have, but Musk says we'll find out more this Thursday at 9AM PT.

"Range anxiety," of course, refers to the worry and stress felt by electric car drivers as their battery life begins to drop. Since high-speed chargers like Tesla's own Superchargers are few and far between, and since regular chargers take so long, electric car drivers often feel they must get to their destination before running out of juice. Tesla has worked to expand its network of Superchargers to address those concerns, but if Musk hopes to end range anxiety with a software update, it's possible that engineers have found a way to eke more life out of the Model S' batteries.