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I was first in line for the world premiere of Furious 7

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Ride or die

In the world of the Fast & the Furious franchise, a few rules apply. Family comes first. You ride or die. And you willingly throw yourself into a multi-part film series that is some bonkers combination of superhero car fantasy and family melodrama.

So when SXSW announced Sunday morning that it was debuting Furious 7 at a secret midnight screening, there was no hesitation. There was no second-guessing of what I should do. There was simply the instantaneous decision to head down to the Paramount Theater to get in line. To see the film… no matter what it took.

Ride or die.

It was a journey. An adventure with ups and downs and twists and turns that ended with me in the theater for the first public screening of the film in the entire world, surrounded by hyped superfans that applauded, laughed, and cheered through every reveal, explosion, and gravity-defying stunt.

It was the perfect place to take one last ride.

Furious 7 world premiere
(From left to right: Tyrese Gibson, producer Neil Moritz, writer Chris Morgan, and director James Wan.)