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Leaked Windows 10 screenshots reveal LED notification support for phones

Leaked Windows 10 screenshots reveal LED notification support for phones

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Microsoft appears to be preparing to activate LED notifications in Windows 10 for phones. Leaked screenshots from a Polish Windows enthusiast forum reveal a number of changes in an upcoming preview of Windows 10 for phones, including some UI improvements and notification updates. Apps will soon be able to use sounds, vibrations, banners, and LEDs to notify users. Both BlackBerry OS and Android have long supported LED notifications, but it’s not clear if Microsoft’s implementation supports different colored LED notifications per application. Phones like the Lumia 730 and Lumia 930 will be able to take advantage of the new feature.

Elsewhere, Microsoft is preparing to allow Windows 10 for phone users to remove the primary Microsoft Account on a handset without having to reset the device. This was a restriction in Windows Phone 8 that forced you to reset an entire device if you wanted to alter the main Microsoft Account on the phone. Microsoft is also tweaking the Windows 10 for phones UI to more closely match the desktop counterpart, with improved context menus, new toggle menus, and circular user avatars instead of square versions. Microsoft is expected to deliver a new Windows 10 for phones preview to testers in the coming weeks, with an expansion to more devices this time around.

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