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Apple's Eddy Cue is not a fan of the new Steve Jobs documentary

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Eddy Cue has always been Apple's entertainment guy — long serving as the leader of iTunes — so perhaps it's no surprise that he has some thoughts on one of the hottest documentaries at South by Southwest. Cue made it clear on Twitter this morning that he wasn't a fan of Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machinea documentary that highlights the dark sides of Jobs' life and work at Apple that many like to gloss over. That includes his refusals to acknowledge paternity of his daughter, the stress he put on Apple employees, and the major controversies that surrounded his company, such as the suicides at its manufacturing partner Foxconn. That may be part of why Cue isn't such a fan.

Cue also tweeted about the upcoming biography, Becoming Steve Jobs, which has been getting a lot of praise ahead of its release. Apple pundit John Gruber describes it as "smart, accurate, informative, insightful, and at times, utterly heartbreaking," and Cue seems to agree that it's an accurate portrait. The rest of us will have to wait until its release, on March 24th, to judge for ourselves, but we at least know that it has the Cue seal of approval.