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Ikea shuts down world's most ambitious game of hide-and-seek, world mourns

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There you are

A match of hide-and-seek with over 32,000 Facebook signees was squashed today by Ikea, according to Bloomberg. The event was set to overrun the Ikea in Eindhoven. A similar event with 19,000 Facebook sign-ups was scheduled for Amsterdam, and a storming of Utrecht's Ikea had a paltry 12,000 hide-and-seekers ready to go.

Bloomberg reports on Ikea's strange history with hide-and-seek, which has since been banned in a number of the chain's Dutch stores. Ikea's spartan recreations of housing environments make for an ideal hide-and-seek setting, but alternative options must exist. Perhaps Wal-Mart? Or Target? Or if you live in New York City, the tunnels beneath Rockefeller Center that are void of natural light?