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Nintendo isn't giving up on consoles, promises to unveil a 'brand new concept' next year

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Project NX is the name of Nintendo's next dedicated game platform

The big news from Nintendo today is all about the company's expansion into making smartphone games, but the company isn't abandoning its traditional business of building and selling gaming hardware. In fact, per the words of Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata, "now that we have decided how we will make use of smart devices, we have come to hold an even stronger passion and vision for the dedicated video game system business."


Iwata says that Nintendo is currently developing "a dedicated game platform with a brand-new concept," which goes under the internal codename of "NX." He's leaving the details of what that concept involves deliberately ambiguous, but promises that Nintendo will divulge more on the subject next year. What's apparent from the Japanese company's statements today is that it sees itself as yet another ecosystem builder — like Google and Microsoft — where it uses smart mobile devices from others to funnel users to its own offering. "For the consumers who are connected with Nintendo through smart devices and interested in Nintendo’s IP," says Iwata, "we would like to provide even more premium gameplay experiences on Nintendo’s dedicated game platforms."

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