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Introducing our newest podcast: Verge Extras

Introducing our newest podcast: Verge Extras


First up: SXSW 2015

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The Verge has been covering SXSW all week, and we've seen movies, we've Meerkatted, stood in lines, and activated more brands than we'd care to remember. The week has certainly been eventful, and it's time to unwind and reflect on it all in the form of a podcast. Emily Yoshida, Dieter Bohn, Kwame Opam, and Casey Newton are on the ground in Austin to weigh in on this year's convention.

And if you'd like to hear even more of this sort of discussion, we've set up a brand new podcast feed for your ears to bask in. It's called Verge Extras, and it's available right now on iTunes, on Soundcloud, or you can subscribe directly with RSS in your podcast app of choice. This feed will contain all kinds of audio nuggets from events to interviews to one-off audio stories.

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