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Apple will share viewer data to programmers on its TV service, claims report

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Rumors about Apple's alleged television service have been coming quickly this week, and now the New York Post is piling on with yet another report. According to the Post, Apple plans to share viewer data, such as demographics, what's being watched and when to broadcast networks and other programmers. This level of data would help programmers target advertising to Apple TV customers, and isn't something usually provided by cable companies, Amazon, or Netflix.

The Post cites sources saying Apple plans to launch its service in the fall, and it has been in talks with Disney, CBS, Fox, and Discovery Communications for content partnerships. The rumored service would offer a stripped down selection of about 25 channels, according to an earlier report from The Wall Street Journal, as opposed to the bloated channel packages from most cable providers. NBC, owned by Comcast, is reportedly not going to be available on Apple's TV service.

Recently, Apple announced an exclusive partnership with HBO to offer the premium cable channel's first subscription service outside of a cable provider, called HBO Now. The $14.99 per month service will launch on April 10th and will be exclusive to the Apple TV set top box, the iPhone, and the iPad for three months.