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Adam Sandler is back to destroy some treasured video game memories in Pixels

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Upcoming summer blockbuster Pixels tells the story of an alien invasion, prompted by images of 1980s video games beamed into space and misconstrued as acts of war. It's up to Adam Sandler and his usual cast of friends — plus Peter Dinklage with a fantastic mullet — to stop Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, iconic characters repurposed by the aliens and built from glowing blocks, from destroying the planet.

The movie's based on a short film from 2010, which presumably owes something of a debt to 1999's Galaxy Quest, and Futurama episode "Anthology of Interest II", where almost exactly the same thing happens. The aliens are ostensibly here after taking video games as aggression, but you might prefer to imagine they've come to stop Adam Sandler and Kevin James from making movies — maybe then you could cheer them on.