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The Apple Watch will be the first smartwatch that matters, claims CEO

The Apple Watch will be the first smartwatch that matters, claims CEO


Tim Cook isn't curbing his enthusiasm for Apple's newest device

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Apple has never been above the casual trash talking that happens between tech companies and the latest interview with its CEO Tim Cook comes with a healthy dose of the stuff. First up, Cook defends the Apple Watch — which has elicited a mixed reaction so far — saying that it will be "the first modern smartwatch — the first one that matters." Like the iPod and iPhone before it, argues the Apple chief, the Watch is now facing doubters, but people appreciated the value of those products once they had them, and "maybe [the Watch] will be received the same way."

Beyond Apple's latest device, Cook also discusses the company's integrated strategy to product development, taking a moment to celebrate the collaborative spirit in which development is done. "Without collaboration," says Cook, "you get a Windows product." His view is that having separate teams developing the hardware, software, and services for a given device is detrimental to the eventual quality of that device. Windows on the desktop and Android in the mobile realm are the two examples he cites of software that doesn't deliver the optimal user experience because there are so many parties involved.

Most of the interview, however, relates to the legacy of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook's predecessor as Apple CEO. Read the full interview to learn about the lasting influence of Jobs on the company and the culture that Cook is now endeavoring to continue.