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Slack finally releases a standalone app for Windows users

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Workplace communications platform Slack is the fastest-growing business software ever — and that was without having a proper Windows app. That's changing today as the company is releasing a full-fledged app for machines running Windows 7 or newer (including the Windows 10 preview). The official Slack blog post announcing the new apps notes that more than 30 percent of the company's users are on Windows, and they've been asking for a proper app for a while — Slack may run well enough in a browser tab, but it's the kind of app that makes sense to keep on its own. It's essentially the same as the Mac app, but works with native Windows features like the system tray.

Aside from not having to run in the browser, the most noteworthy aspects of Slack's Windows app focus on team management and notifications. Previously, if you had multiple teams in Slack (separate instances that could contain entirely different sets of users), you had to run them in separate browser tabs. Now, they're all grouped in the app so you can easily jump back and forth between them. The notifications are also naturally more customizable than what you'l get in a browser — specifically, they can be style-matched to match whatever team they come from. None of these are groundbreaking features, but just being able to run Slack in its own app rather than in the browser will likely be more than enough to make for some grateful Windows users.