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Starbucks will start making home deliveries later this year

Starbucks will start making home deliveries later this year


Postmates will act as coffee courier

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In case there's somehow not a Starbucks within walking distance of your office or city apartment, delivery specialist Postmates will soon start bringing the coffee maker's drinks and food directly to your door. It's a legitimate collaboration between the two brands; customers will place orders for their desired beverage or snack through the Starbucks app, and then simply select the option to have it delivered by Postmates.

Everything's handled through Starbucks' hugely popular app — which can also be used to pay in stores — so it sounds like a pretty seamless arrangement. Postmates gains some important exposure, even if only for a brief moment when the delivery person shows up. Both companies are referring to this as just a pilot for now, and deliveries will kick off in Seattle sometime in the second half of this year. If all goes well, maybe Starbucks and Postmates will expand deliveries to other cities. That, or you could just go walk around the corner.