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The Surfaces - a success?


The Surface story might now have been a tremendous profit adventure...yet!
But the Pro 3 is an awesome machine providing fantastic value and is unique. Also the Pro 3 is really selling now, users are incredibly happy about them, and....there will be a Pro 4.

This thing is only going upwards, and faster and faster.

It is only in the beginning of positive earnings, but just wait and see onwards.

Perhaps you should not only judge the Surface lineup on earnings, but rather on the invigoration of Microsofts hardware partners. The newest round of Windows laptops are in manys opinions surpassing the Macbook lineup. Have a good look at the Dell XPS13 for instance, there is also a new and very nice Thinkpad Carbon and so on.

I think Windows 10 (free for ALL - also pirates) and Microsoft is on a fast upward trajectory