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Android Wear can now help you find your lost phone

Android Wear can now help you find your lost phone


At least if it's entombed in your couch

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Running around the house trying to find your phone is basically a thing of the past, at least if you have some battery life left. The same tools from Apple, Google, and Microsoft designed to curb theft can also make your phone ring, even if it's silenced. The only rub is having to make your way to a computer, or using someone else's phone to do it. Google's taken that extra step out of the equation as long as you have an Android Wear device. A new update introduced to Google's Android Device Manager app lets you say "Ok, Google. Start. Find my phone," into your Android Wear device and your Android phone will start ringing at full volume. You can also enable the tracker by tapping a new "Find my phone" option that shows up in the Start menu after the update.

Yes, this is the 2015 edition of the Sharper Image key finder. But there are no extra apps to install, or extra things to buy. Now, just try not to lose your watch too.