HTC's adorable Re dinosaur is my favorite thing at MWC


HTC's new One M9 smartphone may not have blown us away, but that's not to say there's nothing awesome at the company's Mobile World Congress booth. This is an accessory for the quirky Re camera that suddenly makes its offbeat periscope-style design the most obvious thing in the world — of course it was meant to be a Brachiosaurus neck all along.

The dinosaur acts as the world's cutest charging stand, with the power cable threading through the tip of the tail, but there's actual functionality in there as well. It'll rotate the Re camera through 360 degrees, allowing you to capture its surroundings in totality; HTC suggested to me that it could be useful as a security camera or baby monitor.

Coincidentally, I've been using the Re this week at MWC for the first time — I actually love the design, and agree with my colleague Sean that it's a great idea in need of better execution. The dinosaur accessory shows, at least, that HTC is continuing to think about how best to make use of the odd little device. There's no release date, pricing, or even an official name for the product as of yet, unfortunately, but we'll keep the dinosaur-loving action cam community abreast of all the latest news.

htc re dinosaur

htc re dinosaur