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Microsoft demos Windows 10 apps running on Xbox One

Microsoft demos Windows 10 apps running on Xbox One


Hosted web apps are also coming to Microsoft's next operating system

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Microsoft revealed in January that it is bringing universal apps to the Xbox One, but the company didn't demonstrate how they would look and feel. That changed today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Microsoft's technical lead for Windows universal apps, Kevin Gallo, took to the stage during a developer event to demonstrate Windows 10 universal apps on Xbox One. While it wasn't a universal app like Mail or Photos, Gallo demonstrated a demo app designed to run across PCs, phones, and an Xbox One.

It was all part of a broader message to developers that Microsoft is building a scalable and adaptive user interface for Windows 10 to make it easier for universal apps to run across PCs, phones, tablets, and even TV screens via the Xbox One. Gallo didn't expand on when developers will be able to start creating Xbox One apps, but The Verge understands Microsoft is ready to allow any developer to build apps for its gaming console. The software giant will detail its plans at the upcoming Build developer conference in April, and developers should be able to build Xbox One apps during the summer period.

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Gallo also revealed that Microsoft is planning to use hosted web apps in Windows 10. It's a new way for developers to bring their websites to the Windows Store, with Cortana integration and access to notifications, contacts, calendar, and camera. It could be a key way for Microsoft to secure more apps with an easy investment from developers. Gallo discussed Microsoft's adaptive user interface, which is essentially a way to allow developers to create responsive apps in a similar way to how web developers are currently designing websites.

The hosted web apps builds on the popularity of responsive websites, and Microsoft will essentially be allowing developers to just wrap them into a simple app for the Store. If they want to move to more powerful features then there's the option to move their responsive work and code into a full universal app for Windows 10 that can run across PCs, tablets, phones, and Xbox One.