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Feds asking companies if Comcast or Time Warner Cable restricted online video

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A decision on the merger is expected soon

The FCC is looking into whether Comcast and Time Warner Cable have placed any restrictions or limits on companies' streaming video services. Last week, letters were sent to eight companies including Disney, CBS, and Viacom asking if either cable provider placed any "limits on distribution" on streaming video. The Justice Department is asking its own questions about Comcast and Time Warner Cable, according to Bloomberg, to find out if the potential merger would have a negative impact on online video. Both the FCC and the Justice Department are tasked with reviewing the merger between the two cable giants.

Responses to the FCC are due by March 13th

Back in 2011, Comcast was restricted from placing limits or restrictions on online video by the US government when it approved its acquisition of NBCUniversal. A decision on the merger is expected soon by the FCC; the commission places a 180-day goal for each merger it reviews — today is the 151st day. Last week, Comcast said it was "optimistic" that the deal will close in early 2015. The FCC is asking for a response to its questions by March 13th.