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Tinder's premium service will charge you more if you're 28 or older

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Tinder Plus is here

Tinder’s new premium service has launched in the UK, but the price will vary, depending on your age. According to the the Evening Standard, Tinder Plus costs £3.99 (about $6), and will grant you features like unlimited likes and the ability to go back on your last swipe, but that price jumps to £14.99 (about $23) for users over 28.

Tying pricing to a user's age won’t end well for Tinder

Tying pricing to a user's age won’t end well for Tinder, who will probably get backlash from users who feel they shouldn’t be penalized financially for their age. Adding paid tiers is a shameless and clear indication that Tinder does not want older users and will make them pay extra to get the best version of the service. There’s no indication if the age restriction will be expanded to the US when Tinder Plus launches here, but if it is, expect a large influx of 27-year-olds on Facebook in the coming days.

Tinder CEO Sean Rad told the Evening Standard that he believes heavy Tinder users will pay for the enhanced service. "There are users that are just so active — they are just almost addicted to the platform," Rad said. But Rad also realizes everyone won’t make the jump to Tinder Plus. "These features aren’t something that everyone is going to want to use, and we sort of don’t want everyone to use them." Especially if they’re over 28.