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Twitter videos can now be embedded across the web

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A necessary, if obvious step

Twitter was early to realize the potential of letting users embed tweets elsewhere around the web — it greatly increases the size of Twitter's audience, helping them reach people who don't have accounts. It's only natural, then, that Twitter would extend that embedding function to its new video-sharing service. And indeed, the company started rolling out embedded video today.

twitter video

Video captured on Twitter through its native apps for Android and iOS can now be embedded, Twitter said in a blog post. Clicking on ••• in any tweet will bring up the option to embed either the tweet or the video. From there, you can copy the embed code and paste it into your own website. Video is one of the big stories in tech this year, with YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter all competing to develop huge audiences and sell their eyeballs to advertisers. For Twitter, letting users share their videos around the web is a necessary, if obvious step in that direction.