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Cabin in the Woods director Drew Goddard set to direct Spider-Man film

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Latino-Review reports that Marvel has tapped Drew Goddard to write and direct the upcoming Spider-Man film, which will hit theaters in 2017. Goddard, who was originally onboard to direct the standalone Sinister Six spinoff, will be involved in making Spider-Man fit to join the Avengers, along with building up his conflict with the Sinister Six in the long run.

New series might be called The Spectacular Spider-Man

Goddard, in addition to his aborted credit in Sony's Spider universe, co-wrote his directorial debut Cabin in the Woods with current Marvel heavyweight Joss Whedon, so him being pulled into the project makes sense. A source tells Latino-Review that the new series will be titled The Spectacular Spider-Man — fitting since it draws its name from the yet another long-running Spider-Man book. The first film of the franchise will reportedly involve Spider-Man fighting Iron Man as an "audition" for his eventual spot on the Avengers roster. Meanwhile, the seeds for an eventual Sinister Six film will be set, with the plan to potentially spin them off in the future.

Neither Marvel nor Sony have commented on the news.