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Mophie announces battery case for Galaxy S6 and its non-removable battery

Mophie announces battery case for Galaxy S6 and its non-removable battery


It'll be available at launch for $99.95

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Seeing Samsung's Galaxy S6 wrapped in a bulky battery case could soon become pretty common. During yesterday's unveiling of the Galaxy S6, Samsung repeatedly claimed that now is a perfect time for the company to say goodbye to user-swappable batteries. The S6 battery life estimates put it slightly front of Apple's iPhone 6, but many consumers are still lamenting the loss of what had until now been a unique Samsung strength. If you were due for a marathon day at the office or a long night out with your Note 4 or S5, carrying an extra battery guaranteed you'd make it through without being forced to take a time out and find a charger.

No more trolling your friends about needing a Mophie for their iPhone

Samsung's stance is that since the S6 can charge faster than any other smartphone and now supports wireless charging, there's no real loss in trading the replaceable battery for the S6's fantastic industrial design. But if you disagree, Mophie is ready to help extend the S6's longevity with a battery case — the same sort of product that Samsung customers have long chided their iPhone-carrying friends about.

Update: Read the Galaxy S6 review.

Samsung customers haven't had to worry about this until now

Mophie quickly announced that it will offer a Juice Pack case specifically designed for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Priced at $99.95, the case will include a 3,300 mAh battery that can offer "more than 100 percent" of an additional charge for Samsung's latest phones. It supports pass-through syncing over USB and also quick charge, so your S6's battery meter should climb pretty rapidly. Mophie says these will be the only authorized battery cases available for the S6 and S6 Edge at launch, a result of the company participating in Samsung's SMAPP program, which allowed it to start designing the products even before yesterday's S6 announcement. The cases also promise to protect both phones from everyday drops thanks to what Mophie calls its "impact isolation system."

If you're someone who constantly runs down your phone's battery, it's either this or putting wireless chargers in your office and throughout your home. Mophie has made Juice Pack accessories for Samsung hardware before. What's the difference now? Well, the option to carry around a spare battery is gone. Depending on the S6's real world battery performance, they may actually cross into "must-have accessory" territory.