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Here are some of the outrageous cars coming to this year's Geneva Motor Show

Press days for this year's Geneva Motor Show officially kick off tomorrow, March 3rd — but many of the announcements have already started to trickle out. By all appearances, it's going to be a hell of a show.

Here's just a small taste of the insanity: Aston Martin will be unveiling its most outrageous production car ever, Lamborghini is showing an even hotter version of the blistering Aventador, and Mercedes-Benz appears to have gone full YOLO with a lemon-lime Geländewagen that's been tricked out with enough offroading hardware to survive the surface of Mars.

Sure, why not?

Anyway, have a peek here at a few of the announcements ahead of press days — and get ready, because we'll be reporting from the show floor tomorrow and Wednesday.


California will require all autonomous vehicles to be zero-emission starting in 2030


E-bike maker Cowboy finally moseys its way to the US from Europe


Unagi reveals ‘Model Eleven,’ an electric scooter that plays music, avoids potholes, and looks incredible

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