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Here are some of the outrageous cars coming to this year's Geneva Motor Show

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Press days for this year's Geneva Motor Show officially kick off tomorrow, March 3rd — but many of the announcements have already started to trickle out. By all appearances, it's going to be a hell of a show.

Here's just a small taste of the insanity: Aston Martin will be unveiling its most outrageous production car ever, Lamborghini is showing an even hotter version of the blistering Aventador, and Mercedes-Benz appears to have gone full YOLO with a lemon-lime Geländewagen that's been tricked out with enough offroading hardware to survive the surface of Mars.

Sure, why not?

Anyway, have a peek here at a few of the announcements ahead of press days — and get ready, because we'll be reporting from the show floor tomorrow and Wednesday.

Teasers of the Geneva Motor Show 2015


Audi R8. The next generation of Audi's supercar doesn't look much different than the model it replaces, but make no mistake — there's a thoroughly new car underneath. Most interesting is the bespoke R8 e-tron, an all-electric version that has greater capacity and range than the Tesla Model S.